Animal-Assisted Interventions

Educational Programs

Graduate Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling

This 9 credit Graduate Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling (AAT-C) provides specialized training and supervised practice in the ethical and humane inclusion of animals in the psychotherapeutic environment by credentialed mental health professionals. 

UNF Division of Continuing Education- Animal Assisted Interventions Certificate

This 30-week certificate program consists of five (5) 6-week modules with an optional hands-on practicum. It provides specialized training and minimum knowledge, skills and values for practicing in the discipline of Animal Assisted Interventions & Interactions, including Animal Assisted Activities, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Education. The curriculum is aligned with the competencies of the American Counseling Association Animal-Assisted Intervention, American Psychological Association Human Animal Interaction and Animal Assisted Intervention International Standards of Practice.


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